About System Root

System Root is what I’m going to use to share (and vent) about the thing’s I come across in my programming experiences. Over the past few years I have come across many things that seemed quite odd or that had no documentation (via google or otherwise). I’m going to use this blog to share those experiences and hopefully save someone else the time it took me to figure out what was wrong.

About Me

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My name is Richard “Drackir” Marskell and I am a programmer at a market research company located in Toronto, ON, Canada. I graduated from RCC Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Technology in Computer Information Systems in April 2009. After school, a classmate and I started a company called LittleBigComputers. We specialize in desktop applications and website development. We’re also working on an XBOX Live Indie game in our spare time.

I first began programming as a hobby around 2001 or 2002. I spent a lot of time playing games and had a real urge to try and make my own. I fiddled around quite a bit with a program called RPG Maker. This got me into the realm of 2D role playing games (RPGs). As it turned out, there was (and still is) quite a following for 2D multiplayer online RPGs (MORPGs). I eventually got caught up in the Player Worlds/Elysium/Mirage communities and started programming in Visual Basic 6. Over the past four or five years I have spent time off and on working on a game called Fondusi’s as well as working and going to school. I haven’t had a lot of spare time to work on it, but recently I’ve been doing a lot with XNA and I hope to port the game over to it at some point.

I have experience using (and setting up servers for) X/HTML, CSS, JavaScript (including jQuery), PHP, ASP, ASP.Net, C#, VB.Net, VB6, Java, MySQL and MS SQL Server. I tend to dabble in a lot of things and enjoy learning and figuring out new ways of doing things. Generally, I learn from example and from criticism.

If you see anything here that doesn’t make sense to you, please drop a comment and let’s discuss it. Otherwise, I hope what I have here can help you.