Saving to a Custom Binary File Format with Versioning

While working on Fondusi’s I came up with a great way to store the map data (or any binary data, really) in such a way that previous files could be loaded using new versions of the software. It has some great capabilities and, after answering a question about it on gamedev.StackExchange, I thought it might be helpful to write a post about it here.

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XNA – How to check if mouse or keyboard button has been clicked, pressed or released

I was reviewing some of the search terms that brought people to my website. It seems like a lot of them are related to using the mouse in XNA, so I figured I’d write a quick post about determining the mouse or keyboard state in XNA, though this applies to most anything that polls input and has a main loop.

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Word 2007 Quick Tip – How to show invisible table borders/gridlines

Every time I reinstall Word, I always forget where in the settings I can turn on the display of table gridlines. I find it really frustrating that it’s not on by default since, when you can’t see the invisible borders of cells, you can’t tell how many cells make up a section of white space. So, for my future reference and your benefit (hopefully) :), here’s how you turn on gridlines (table borders) in Office 2007.

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Subversion – Move folder in one repository to its own repo (in Windows) using svndumpfilter

I recently wanted to clean up a subversion repository of mine and move some of the larger folders/projects into their own repository. There’s not much documentation on how to do this in Windows (what I primarily use) which is the main reason why I wanted to share this info.

Now, in the past, I’d moved whole repos using the svnadmin dump command, but now I had to make sure that I only got revisions related to a specific folder. Fortunately, there’s this handy little program that comes with subversion called svndumpfilter. This little tool lets you filter out revisions from an svn dump based on a path in the repo. It will even renumber the revisions for you so that when you load the new dump file into it’s own repo, the revisions will all be in order starting from revision 1.

Ok, let’s get to it!

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