Browser Automatically Blocks Ports

While working on an ASP.Net project at work, I found a strange “feature” (I’m more inclined to call it an annoyance) that is built into certain browsers. It seems that Firefox and WebKit have automatic port blocking built into them for specific ports. I was specifically trying to use port 6000 (a seemingly random, easy to remember port) but couldn’t access the web server. After a little searching, I managed to find some information and thought I’d share it.

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Tiling Script in Photoshop

Our artist has been working hard drawing all the graphics for our new game (more info to come on that front). She’s been working on the main character’s animations recently. These are complex animations with many frames and, to ensure they line up properly, she draws all the frames within a canvas the size of a single frame and separates the layers into layer sets. This is to ensure that the image for each frame of the animation aligns correctly with the frame before it.

However, our animation system in the game requires that each frame is drawn separately from left to right. Even with the layer sets, it’s still a lot of annoying manual work to move and align each frame while ensuring they’ll draw the same as they did in the single-frame-sized canvas. I recently found out that you can script for PS and so this set me thinking: there must be a way to write a script that can do this!

If you’re interested in the script click on.

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