How to fix: File in Use – Personal.xlsb is locked for editing

I recently added some macros into my PERSONAL.XLSB file for Excel and started getting these annoying pop-ups saying that it’s locked for editing. This file loads in the background every time you open a copy of Excel. The point of it is to give you a place to save commonly used macros that will then be loaded and available to you in whatever workbooks you open. The problem with this is that if you open multiple copies of Excel, they all ask the operating system for write permissions in case you want to update the file.

This article explains how to fix this issue depending on whether you want to keep the file or get rid of it.

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Create Stored Procedure in phpMyAdmin

Have you ever had issues creating a stored procedure in phpMyAdmin? Well, today’s you’re lucky day. I go through my (simple) procedure for allowing phpMyAdmin to create stored procedures.

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C# Image.Save Always Outputs PNG Format

I recently had to work on a project where I needed to open an image, rotate it by 90 degrees and save it again in C#. I was having some issues where it would always save the image in the PNG format regardless of what format it was loaded from. Here’s the code that I had:
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