SourceTree: Fix for Slow Operation on Windows

SourceTree Screenshot

This post discusses an issue I had with Atlassian’s SourceTree software and my firewall. I originally thought that SourceTree was just slow and didn’t work well on Windows, but I recently found out it was actually my anti-virus and firewall that was causing the issues.

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How to fix: File in Use – Personal.xlsb is locked for editing

I recently added some macros into my PERSONAL.XLSB file for Excel and started getting these annoying pop-ups saying that it’s locked for editing. This file loads in the background every time you open a copy of Excel. The point of it is to give you a place to save commonly used macros that will then be loaded and available to you in whatever workbooks you open. The problem with this is that if you open multiple copies of Excel, they all ask the operating system for write permissions in case you want to update the file.

This article explains how to fix this issue depending on whether you want to keep the file or get rid of it.

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Fix: Cannot Generate SSPI Context

I was recently working on an ASP.Net project and was receiving this error on attempting to .Open() my SQL Server database connection:
System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException: Cannot generate SSPI context.

As you may have noticed, the connection uses SSPI (i.e. Windows login authentication) to connect to SQL Server. I thought this was a bit strange and tried restarting the project (it was running in debug mode). That didn’t help.

Fortunately, I remembered that my Windows password was set to expire today. It had expired while I was logged in, and so, was preventing me from being able to authenticate my login with SQL Server.

So, if you’re receiving this error, try updating your password if it may have expired.

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